Happy Birthday Michelle!

We are co-workers, co-anchor the 6pm edition of Channel 4 Action News and we are blogging rivals. However, today I am one of what I hope will be many that wish Michelle Wright a Happy Birthday on Wednesday.

How old is Michelle? What do you think I am? Stupid? I don’t dare ask that question of any woman. What I do know is that she is old enough to be one of the wisest people I know.

I first got to work with Michelle in 1997 when I was asked to join her as co-spokesperson for the Race for the Cure. What started as just a public appearance has become a Mother’s Day tradition … one that just would not be the same without Michelle. Her enthusiasm and excitement for the project comes through in everything she says and does that day.

Happy Birthday, Michelle. Now I have to figure out what to get you for a gift. Hmmm …..

Michelle is more than a talented journalist. She is the devoted mother of two wonderful children and someone who has fallen in love in the city which she lives. While her roots are in Virginia, her home and her heart are here. She has become popular with viewers because of her no-nonsense style and friendly smile and voice.

Before I moved to 5pm, I co-anchored the broadcast with Michelle for a couple of months while Wendy Bell was on maternity leave. She was great and so inclusive when I came to helping me part of the broadcast. Now, we finally get to work together full-time … and it’s great.

She also has a real subtle sense of humor. When I did a “Test It Tuesday” on a spray that removed dog urine from the carpet, I used a black light to see how much was in the carpet already. Come to find there were very few spots that weren’t yellow in my den. After the story, Michelle simply said in a very deadpan way, “I guess I need to take my shoes off the next time I go to Andrew’s house”. Everyone was in stitches.

With that, join me in wishing Michelle “Happy Birthday”. In fact, stop by her blog and let her know. On this special day, I don’t mind losing to her in the battle to have the most blog readers. However, after Wednesday, it’s back to blogging war!

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