Any Good News Out There?

First up, I hope you are getting used to my blogging schedule. I’m writing late night and hoping many of you log on first thing in the morning. Judging by the number of hits my blog got Wednesday, I think the change has been embraced by many long-time faithful readers as well as newcomers.

Now onto today’s adventure in blogging.

I was at the mall between shows looking for a new tie when a gentleman stopped me. It’s not unusual, but he asked me “got any good news for us tonight?”. I’m sure he wasn’t being insulting, but I’m sure he was being serious.

Where is the good news?

Before you say it’s our fault, consider what made “news” today:

* A woman finds a baby on the ground, alive, behind a KFC restaurant.

* The stock market tanks again … and there’s no end in sight.

* A kid from South Fayette tries to kill his family with homemade bombs.

* A local community is on the verge of bankruptcy.

After seeing all these stories to choose from, now wonder the region is so thrilled when the Steelers win a game.

The truth is news is about what’s new and what affects our world that day. While we make an effort to make you smile and share stories of hope and triumph, the truth is that news often is bad because it often changes our lives … and not for the better.

Sure, I would like to tell you about a library opening or a kid doing extraordinary things in his community, but the stories that get your attention are the ones that make you think and hopefully make you act. When a child dies or a teen is killed, it affects all of us. When our finances are in free fall, who doesn’t feel that. When there is a chase that ties up traffic or a bridge on the verge of collapse, it’s important that you know.

I guess I’m writing this because I’m tired of people bashing local TV news as not important or leaning towards the sensational. I’m proud of the work we do and even more proud that people trust us to bring them what’s happening in a timely, concise and ultimately unbiased manner.

So in answer to that gentleman’s question at the mall? Yes, there is good news and plenty of it … and we try to strike a balance. However, it’s the news that touches us, that is out of the ordinary and that is often bad that you depend on us to bring you every day.

Let me get off my soapbox and slowly back away …..

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