OK, I Give Up! Summer is Over!

So when do you finally admit to the end of summer? Is it when school starts for you … or your children? Is it when the calendar tells you it’s officially the end of the warmest time of the year? Perhaps it’s when your local pool closes.

For me, it’s always ended at very unsual times because of my job. When I was a sportscaster here at WTAE, summer was over when Steelers training camp started. Granted it was mid-July, but once the Black and Gold hit the field the summer fun was over for me. I found myself attending practices and pre-season games and working six days a week. While I love Steeler football, I could have used a few more months to lounge around.

Now as a news anchor, I can enjoy a more normal summer … and then some … but today, I finally gave in. On this date, Tuesday October 21st. I finally said goodbye to summer. It was not atmospheric moment that caused me to give up the ghost, but rather than time-honored and labor intensive exercise: the packing away of my summer clothes.

With “Boobaloo” laying on the bed, I finally folded up the summer shorts and golf shirts ( and I have way to many golf shirts ) and brought out the winter sweaters and fleeces. I usually put this off as long as possible and yet when I do make the “seasonal switch”, I discover something very pleasant. As I fold up another shirt, I remember the times I wore it and what I was doing. As I unpack the sweaters, I think back to the last time I wore them as well and always have a smile on my face.

Packing away the summer stuff … and way too many shirts …


… and way too many hangers. Even Boo is overwhelmed!

Best of all, I always seem to have more clothes than I think for the coming season when I unpack. In many ways, it’s like Christmas morning when everything seems new. The process was done about 11am this morning and now and I will go with this set of clothing until the next change of season … and trust me, I’m much quicker to say “hello” to my summer wear than I am to my winter wardribe.

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