Too Much Drama, Not Enough Action

Having left my sportscasting career behind, I get to look at professional sports from a different angle. No longer following the day-to-day, no longer dealing with the game-by-game twists and turns, I admit I have become a more casual sports fan.

I used to go to every Steeler game. Now I probably see have the games from start to finish, instead choosing to hit the links if the weather is nice on a Sunday afternoon. I attended just two Pirate games this year and sometimes I don’t even hear the Pens score until I get on the set and JB gives it to you during his 11pm sports report.

The reason I bring this up is not to say I don’t care about sports anymore. I do. I always read the websites to catch up on what I miss and still know the players and the history of the teams, sometimes personally. However, when I do watch the games I want to see action and I don’t want to have to hear about all the other “crap” ( pardon my French ).

However, the games have recently been overshadowed by the stuff off the field. Things like Hines Ward being fined for some mystery hit and then he challenges the league on a local radio station. It’s Ben Roethlisberger having a huge game passing against the Browns and then making himself look silly by not even addressing a question about his injury, basically blowing off the reporter.

It’s not just our local teams either. I don’t care who Tony Romo is dating, whether Manny Ramirez is happy or which athlete showed up at a McCain/Palin rally. I don’t want to hear how some player can make $15M and somehow feels “insulted” because someone else in the league is making $1M more. I don’t appreciate athletes who can actually hit women or be arrested and somehow, because they show remorse, be back on the field next week.

Essentially, I’m sick of the drama. Whatever happened to just playing the game to your best you can, shaking hands with your opponent, collecting a paycheck and going home. Now I will admit what has happened to Hines Ward is not his fault and probably the result of an overzealous commissioner. Still, why is another team putting a “bounty” on his head? Isn’t a regular paycheck enough for these guys?

I’m sure the media is part of the reason for this focus on off-the-field “water cooler” subjects, but can we get past this and just enjoy the games people play? Can the athletes actually appreciate where they are and stop acting as if “God” really is pulling for them?

Just a request from a former sportscaster who would like to be a sports fan once again … and doesn’t care if the Phillies-Rays World Series gets high TV ratings. I just like baseball.

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