Crunch Time on the Campaign Trail

After a relatively relatively relaxing weekend, including golf in the rain on Saturday and the wind on Sunday, it was back to work and back into the thick of the campaign craziness. Barack Obama was in town today and I’m sure we’ll see either John McCain or Sarah Palin one more time before we go to the polls next Tuesday.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing this end, from a reporter’s point-of-view, this might be the most exciting race we may ever cover. Let’s be honest with ourselves, no matter who wins, there will be an historic glass-ceiling breaking ending to this year’s race for the White House. As an American, it gives me great pride that another race or gender will occupy one of the two highest offices in the land. I’m also excited to see that our population actually cares this time around. Everything points to a record-turnout for this election.

Monday, October 27, 7:59pm: Channels 11, 4 & 2 in WTAE newsroom

As the days draw near, I find work getting much busier and much more intense. I’m working on some stories for the final week of the election as well as brushing up on some of the local races as I prepare the co-anchor our election night coverage next Tuesday. In the TV news business, this is our Super Bowl. Election night is when stations bring out their big guns and stars are made. I think I prepared well for this opportunity with my trips to Philadelphia back this spring to cover the democratic primaries.

I also have a few events coming up this week involving political leaders and pundits. I’m at an event Wednesday night in which former congressman Melissa Hart will be one of the attendees. Tuesday night, I will once again be serving as emcee of the Just Harvest dinner which oftens has a politcal flair to the proceedings.

I guess amid the political fervor, I wonder what will happen after the election season is over. It’s not as if we are going to Washington to cover the next President … and usually after all the negative campaigns and promises from the candidates, reality sets in and these leaders realize just what they can and cannot do. Also, what will we do without all those politcal commercials? Imagine, the airwaves without the attacks?

Well we won’t have to worry about that world without politics for at least another seven days. Enjoy the final week.

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