A Final Word Before Election Day

As I sit down this morning to write this final entry before election day, I looked at my press credential from the Clinton-Obama debate in Philadelphia. I was there on April 16th. Now, that seems so long ago. It’s my only tangible proof that I actually covered the race for the White House. Proof that I witnessed an event along the most incredible campaign of our lifetime.

I have written more than 30 times about the campaign over the last year, often bemoaning its length, its lies and its absurdity. However, now as we see the finish line in sight, I see it in much the same way I see high school: Now that’s its coming to an end, I have a fondness for what i just witnessed and realized it may never happen again as long as I walk this earth.

Its been a campaign in which America can take pride because it includes African-Americans and women in leading roles. It made our country take a serious look at the future of our country and take stock in where we are now. Most of all, it made us realize that our vote does matter. For years, the country that preached democracy and fought for freedon had barely 1/3 of its citizens take part in the voting process. No more. This year, we have long lines for early voting.

I guess my message this morning is to celebrate and relish these next 24-48 hours. We will witness democracy in a way our forefathers could only have imagined. We will see people of all races, creeds and genders take part in the process … and let us hope that whoever wins, wins without controversy. Also, let us not forget, the local races are just as critical as the national ones. In Harrisburg, the Democrats hold power in the state house by the slimmest of margins – one vote. This is also a battleground state of US Congress and Pennsylvania could play a role in reshaping the US House.

Tuesday November 4th is your day. The politicians have been talking for months, spending obscene amounts of money all to gain your favor. Now, it’s your turn and your chance to fire back. Say whateevr your want with your vote, but say something by voting. As for me, I will have the opportunity of a lifetime Tuesday night. I will be co-anchoring our election night coverage with Wendy Bell. I am honored to be able to perhaps be that first voice for thousands of viewers to tell them who won and who lost. For a former sportscaster not too long ago, it’s pretty heady stuff.

This year, I have had the chance to question both Barack Obama and John McCain, cover debates and stump speeches and now, I will have a front row seat to witness history.

Like I have asked you, I wil savor my spot in the final moments of this historical campaign.

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