An Election Day Story

One of the great things about being on this side of the blogosphere, I get to read some incredible e-mails from people like you and life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity. Below is an e-mail I received from a frequent reader of my blog about her voting day experience. I have changed the names and some locals to protect her privacy. Please read ….

I have been on the fence about who to vote for, if I should even vote, the anger by the months and months of campaign ads, etc.  Over the weekend I had an opportunity to sit down and evaluate what this whole 21 months has meant ~ to me
What it has meant is, in my lifetime I am taking part in a history making event.  Did I honestly think in MY lifetime I would ever see a black man or woman run for the highest office?  Never – maybe my grandchildren, but never me.  I am not old, but I have seen quite a lot in my years.  I have witnessed a young president being gunned down, this same young president who drove by my home and threw a candy bar to my brother and I on a rural street while campaigning for the presidency.   I remember being completely and totally infatuated with the Clinton’s, admiring Nancy Reagan, etc. 
The point I am trying to make is this.  While standing in line this morning I had the honor of speaking with an elderly couple about this whole event.  She sat in a chair and began weeping.  I asked if something was wrong, if she needed anything and she said to me … “honey, I am just emotional about this priviledge of voting.  I am in the last years of my life and just knowing I am taking part in history – well, it is just very emotional for me.”
I got chills.  She has obviously witnessed more than I have but it all comes down to the truth that it is a priviledge, it is our obligation, and it is our duty as an American.  Today I am walking a bit taller, a bit more proud, and definitely full of emotion that I took part in the beginning of a new change for our country.

I can only hope millions of Americans have that same feeling as they head off to vote today.


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