The Simple Joys of Life

We survived a presidential election, half the football season … and the biggest point drop in Wall Street history. Yet somehow, we are still here and moving on with our lives.

I mention this because our crack staff of meteorologists tell me this stretch of Indian summer is about to end, meaning today’s 70-degree temps might be the last time we enjoy a day without a coat for a while. Judging by Joe DeNardo’s winter forecast, we could be in for a long, snowy winter.


The setting sun hitting the Clemente statue.

So while driving along the North shore before work, I pulled out my camera and took some snapshots of perhaps the last spring like day we will have for a while, hopefully capturing what makes like so special. The ordinary joys of life. Please enjoy these final pictures of Indian Summer.


The view of downtown from just outside PNC Park

sunny-002A couple taking an afternoon stroll along the North Shore


A grandfather and his grandson at the Stargell statue.

Nothing profound here. Just a few moments in our beautiful city on a beautiful late fall day.

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