My Neighbor, The Pens Fan

Moving to the nights reunited me with my long-time friend, Wendy. We have known each other for ten years but rarely worked together until now. All that time away though has caused me to miss out on some of the changes in Wendy’s life. No, I’m not talking about the twins. I’m talking about the Pens.

Wendy, if you could not tell from the “Let’s Go Pens” video and her frequent reference to the team is a hardcore hockey fan. She loves her team and there are few games she missed, whether she goes to the games or watches here at the office.

Tonight was one of those hockey nights. Wendy’s team was trailing the Detroit Red Wings, the team that capture the cup last season, by two goals late. Pittsburgh rallied and forced overtime and scored in the extra session. However, the game wasn’t nearly as entertaining as Wendy.

I did not have to watch the screen to know what was happening. With every Pens goal, Wendy let out a scream and with every Detroit goal, she was decimated. She was as up-and-down as much, if not more, than the team itself. When Pittsburgh did score the game-winning goal, she let loose with an ear-piercing scream followed by what looked to be a victory lap around the newsroom.

Where was I during all this? Sitting right across from her, no further than five feet from her desk. She apologized for her burst of joy, but I don’t mind. I think it’s great that she loves her team so much that a regular season game can get her fired up. Imagine what she will be like come playoff time.

It’s amazing. Here I am the former sportscaster and it’s Wendy who has more passion and enthusiasm for hockey than I do.

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