Snow Falls on Pittsburgh

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I certainly did … even though the refs blew the call at the end of the Steelers game denying Troy Polamalu a touchdown, but I digress.

I enjoyed watching the snow fall today. It was the first real snowfall of the season … and while it not as much as fell in the mountains, it was still great to see the pristine white stuff fall over the buildings. As beautiful as Pittsburgh can be on a glorious summer day, it’s even more breathtaking as the snow fills the skies. ( Sorry about the dirty action cam lens below ):


The winter also brings out a change in all our wardrobe, even the local TV reporters. For the men, that often meaning slapping on our blue and white Action News jackets. However, for the ladies, it means something different. For them, it means breaking out the winter hats.

Here are some pictures of what this year’s fashionable reporters will be wearing during their lives shots. For the always sharply-attired Jen Miele, our Westmoreland county bureau chief, it means going with the all white look and that is not easy to pull off. As usual, she does …. with style.


Next is morning show reporter Amber Nicotra. A North Hills native, Amber has it going on with the dark fedora to match her wool overcoat. Doesn’t it look great next to the grey and white background of Heinz Field?


 Wait! There’s more. You will have to watch some evening to see the Swedish Alp inspired chapeau that Shannon Perrine is wearing. I love it!

And what about me? Well, I do have a hat. A fedora actually, but rarely do I get to wear it on the air since I sit in the studio much of the time. I bought it ten years ago and I think it has stood the test of time. However, hats just aren’t “in” for guys. That’s OK, because its the ladies who are keeping hats a hot fashion item. Besides, we men have a hard enough time finding a shirt and tie to wear. Please don’t confuse us with a hat as well.

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