Becoming Addicted … to “Crack”berry

The best thing about being an adult with no kids is that the holidays can begin and end whenever you want them to. You don’t have to wait for Black Friday to start your holiday shopping and no one says you cannot give gifts after December 25th ( although since my wife is Serbian, we exchange gifts on January 7th, Greek Orthodox Christmas ).

With that as a prelude, I bought myself my Christmas gift for the year. Since I tend to be relatively frugal during the year, I like to splurge on myself come the holidays. Nothing crazy mind you, but something I would not get for myself during the year. Since you probably know me to be a high-tech guy, I decided to get something that was hot and cutting edge. In this case, I got myself a Blackberry: the Blackberry storm.




The Blackberry Storm: Now I understand why they call it “Crackberry”

Now this may not seem like much to you, but since I do not have a Blackberry from work it meant a lot to get one of my own. Since the Storm was the hottest gadget on the market, I bought into the hype and got one on the first day they hit stores. It seemed very reasonable in price ( $199 after the rebate ) and since I tend to e-mail, text and call incessantly why not get a product that combines them all in one.

Well, here it is, day four and I am addicted. I mean it’s horrible. I look at it constantly, check for messages, text more than I ever have and try ever new option the phone has. I know this sounds unnatural, but I love the way it looks, they way it feels in my hand and the millions of options have yet to discover.

I know this does not sound normal, but what I love about it is the touch screen. Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I have become addicted to the whole touch screen concept … and believe that is the only way to go. Listening to me go on, you might think I’m a bit abnormal. I guess this is what they mean when they call this thing “Crackberry”.

I guess as I get older, I become more enamored with technology. It seems every year there is something that does more and better than the devices before. Being into tech is not a bad thing, just as long as you do not lose the skills of interpersonal communication. So many times I see young people who may be able to text with one hand and surf the web with the other but unable to look you in the eye and formulate a complete sentence. That is not good.

However, technology is a great thing if used in conjunction with what makes us human. That being said, I may spend my holiday weekend locked away in my house playing with my little toy … and communicating with the world via my Blackberry!

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