Think About This Holiday Travelers ….

Before I start blogging, a shout out to Sage and Elena. While I was at the gas station between broadcasts, these young women came up to me and said “hello”. They are college students, one goes to Slippery Rock and the other goes to Howard. They are both studying public relations and told me they were big WTAE fans. I wish them both well in their pursuit of graduation and career success.

Now, something for you holiday travelers to consider.

 A federal task force, entrusted with coming up with some rules for airlines to follow in the event of those lengthy ground delays, was unable to do so. Given a year to come up with a plan, this “tarmac task force” was only able to come up with “guidelines for model contingency plans for airlines and airports to follow in cases of extended tarmac delays”. That according to the Associated Press.


Air travelers’ bill of rights? Not according to the airlines which can’t come up with rules to follow when a plane and its passengers are delayed on the tarmac.

OK, let me get this straight. Given the public outcry following many instances of people being stuck on a plane for three hours or more with no bathroom and no food and water, this is the best they could do? It borders on imprisonment for people to be trapped on planes on airport tarmacs … unable to leave and forced to stay in conditions that are more than just inconvenient.

Of course, we should not be suprised this task force got nothing accomplished. It was made up of airline industry officials. I have an idea. Why not put these “task force” members on a plane and wheel them out to the middle of the runway at some airport and leave them on the plane until they come up with a passenger’s bill of rights that their industry would actually enforce.

I guarantee you they would come up with actual rules after the peanuts ran out … and the toilets stopped working.

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