I’ve Got A Feeling …

… Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl.

Please, join in if you know this song.

OK, this is hardly a new refrain from Steeler nation, but tonight I have finally become convinced that the football team which calls our city home has what it takes to get reach pro football’s ultimate game – the Super Bowl.

It took me 13 weeks of games but after the Steelers rallied to dispatch of the Dallas Cowboys, I believe for the first time that they are going to be in Tampa in February playing the NFC;’s in Super Bowl XLIII ( that’s 43 for those challenged by Roman Numerals ).

What makes me so convinced that this will be that “Super Season”? Let me reach deep into my closet and pull out my sportscaster’s hat ( yes, i kept it after leaving sports and moving to news ). After covering the Steelers for 10 years, which means every game and every training camp, there are things you notice about a team.

They have simply the most dominating, game-changing defense this franchise has seen sine 1976 which many still believe is the best defense in NFL history. Pittsburgh can literally impose it’s will on the opposing offense. They are in line to become only the third team in the history of the league to finish as the top defense against the run, the pass and allow the fewest points. Sadly, the two units that did this before them failed to make the Super Bowl.

But wait, there is more. Pittsburgh has the fortune in being in the weakest AFC in decades. Tennessee is far from a dominant top-seed, despite being 12-1 and frankly, there are sizable flaws on every team in the conference.

In short, I have never felt more confident about a Steeler team that I have seen and rarely do make sports predictions ( especially since I don’t do sports anymore ). In fact, the last time I was so bold was two years ago when I went out on a limb and thought the Steelers should hire Mike Tomlin as their head coach. Wait, that worked out OK.

As for winning the Super Bowl? I’m not going to be that bold. One correct prediction every two years out of me is about all I can handle. Let’s see them get to the big game first and then, maybe, we’ll talk.

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