All Aboard “The Polar Express”

My elementary school days are long since past, but somehow I have spent almost as much time in school now as I did then. I often have the chance to read to children all across the region.


Punching tickets for students to board The Polar Express

My most recent school visit took place Thursday at Menallen Elementary school in Uniontown. Sharon Volek asked me to come and read to her first gradeĀ children as they count down towards Christmas. The book? “The Polar Express”.


Reading and holding up pictures from The Polar Express

Upon arriving, I was greeted by about 50 first-graders and they were all wearing their pajamas. Even the teachers were in bed clothes. The reason was the characters in The Polar Express were all in pajamas.

I played the role of conductor and punched each student’s ticket to the train. Aboard this imaginary train, I put on my Santa’s cap and read the story as well as showed the kids the pictures.

Afterwards, I was amazed the number of children that came up to hug me. It’s so amazing to see young children so affectionate and kind to someone they only know from TV.

Leaving the school a short time later, I could not help but have that good feeling. Every time I have a chance to read to children I get that feeling. A feeling that in some way I have helped encourage them to read.


Mrs. Volek ( upper right ) and the 1st grade teachers from Menallen

Thanks to Mrs. Volek and all the first grade teachers at Menallen … as well as all the children. Sweet dreams and Happy Holidays!

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