A Holiday Thank You … to All!

Thanksgiving is the time we are told to count our blessings as say “thanks” to all the people who have touched our lives. For me, personally, Christmas has always seemed a more appropriate time because of the spirit of giving and what better time for me to “give” thanks.

Also, I am not much for holiday cards. It’s not because I am lazy, but frankly I could take a week off from work and not send out all the cards I feel I should. So with this being said, I thought I would use the power of blogging and the spirit of the season to say “thank you” to everyone who made this year so special.

I am grateful to have arrived at the end of the year pretty much the way I began 2008: with my wife, my dog, both my parents and in-laws. I have my health, a new home and a faith that the world will be a better place tomorrow that it is today. I have a job … and got a promotion … and am able to live a version of the American dream.

That’s not to say this year has been without its challenges. Marriage is always filled with ups and downs and not every day at work was a perfect day. My dog “Boobaloo” had major surgery, but is doing OK. I am getting older and just can’t run that 4.6 40-yard dash anymore. Still, I survived all these challenges and am the better person for it.

I do want to thank all those people who impacted my life this year. From my managers to my co-workers who helped me turn my job into one of  the greatest joys of my life. I want to thank my friends who would do anything for me with no questions asked. I want to say thanks to all those who I have worked with or dealt with in the course of doing my job for making the duty of telling the world what’s happening just a little bit easier.

A big thank you to all those new people who touched my life this year. From the people I met while working on stories to those I met while working with local charities and even those who came into my life for a single day. Every encounter made me a better journalist … and a better person.

Finally, I want to thank you during this holiday season. Those of you who read my blog ( between 750-1000 every day ). You have shown me just how intimate this medium can be and you have allowed me to learn more about myself than I could possibly know by encouraging me to discuss the issues and things that impact my life on a daily basis … and perhaps impact yours as well.

Please have a safe and happy holiday season … and I will be back blogging on Monday. Seasons’ Greetings to one and all.

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