Breaking Down “The Bachelor”

When you work at a TV station, invariably the television is on and I’m not always watching CNN, Fox and ESPN. Also, since we do work at the ABC affiliate in town, often we are watching ABC program.

Now that I am done qualifying why the TV is on ABC at 9pm, I will tell you that I am watching The Bachelor in between writing my blog entry. I am not a long-time fan of the show, but I usually have taken the time to watch the beginning and the end of each season over the last few years.

Why in the world do I watch? I think part of it is the reason we all watch reality TV shows that toy with human emotion. It gives all of us the feeling that we would act much better then the men or women on the program if placed in the same situation.

While the show has been done in many different ways ( man with 25 women, women with 25 men and now dad with 25 would-be moms ), the basic premise remains the same: Can a person find true love by spending time with 25 members of the opposite sex without upsetting someone? The answer is that it cannot be done. Human nature will not allow it.

Of course, each season they try to add a new element to the show. This year, besides the single dad premise, there is also the segment in which the women vote to cast one of their own off the show. At this point, the best or worst part of this program comes out: the claws as the women start talking and thinking badly about one another.


The Bachelor and Bachelorette: Pick from 25 of the most beautiful members of the opposite sex in a tropical location: Is this any way to find true love?

I guess I find the whole show kind of ridiculous because true love cannot be packaged like they do on The Bachelor. Just because you have 25 beautiful women in one room, does that mean one of those women is for you? Same is true for The Bachelorette. Just because 25 studs are in the room, do you really think one will be the man of your dreams?



I have to give the bachelor credit. At least he knew and remmbered the names of all 25 women. I would be hard pressed to remember 10 people’s names at a party. I guess the part I can never get over on the show is how the women seem to be infatuated from the start with a man they have never met … and are willing to step and claw over each other to get him. Then, when they don’t get a rose they actually get offended or even cry. 

That being said I watched the first night and cannot believe the girl from Sewickley is still in this thing. Remember, she is the one they all voted off only to learn in a strange twist that they had voted her a rose to stay on the show. So far, she has not come across as the nicest of people … thanks to an early profane tirade in her private interview. I do not plan to watch again until the finale … but I’m confidant she won’t be the winner. Usually, I will pull for the hometown girl but not in this case.

Who do I think will win? Does it really matter? I just hope the kid gets along with whomever his father chooses.

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