Too Good Not to Be True

There are days I cannot create blog material than what’s really happening in this insane world of ours. Let me give you two specific examples of truth being better than non-fiction:

Cookie Monster Chooses to Eat Healthy

I had not watched “Sesame Street” in a few years but seeing that the live stage show was in town, I had to make a quick visual trek back to my favorite childhood neighborhood. I turn on the TV and low and behold there is Cookie Monster calling cookies “a sometimes food”.

What the hell?

Turns out, after some research, the politcally-correct and health conscious among us decided a few years back to turn the world’s best known dessert eater in a calorie-conscious chomping machine. He talks about fruits and veggies while only occasionally chomping down on a cookie.


The show’s producers say they want to teach our young children good eating habits and believe slimming down Cookie Monster’s caloric intake will do that. I guess, but it’s a fictional TV character. I knew that at age 6. Just looking at Cookie Monster should convince any child not to consume a dozen cookies. Do you think they really want to be blue and overweight?


Will Congress Bailout the Porn Industry?

How often during this economic downturn have we all joked about asking Congress to bail us out? Well look who is dead serious about a financial aid package:

     “Adult-entertainment moguls Larry Flynt and Joe Francis said Wednesday they are asking Washington for a $5 billion federal bailout, claiming the porn business is suffering from the soft economy.”

The above excerpt is from the Associated Press and it’s an actual news story. It may sound like a joke, but these guys are serious. They say they have seen their profitable industry hit hard times like all others, quantifying it by saying the industry has seen its revenue decline from $18B just three years ago to just over $5B this year.

I laughed at this when I saw it too, until I realize its no different than the car companies and the financial services industries asking Congress for a handout. Just like those industries, the porn business employs thousands of people and there are certain parts of economically-troubled California that depend on the tax revenue from the business. Prior to the downtown, the adult video business was one of the most profitable enterprises in this country.

While I hope this is all a joke and Congress will laugh it off, the truth is after seeing the government bailout enterprises that haven’t been profitable for years I would not put it past them to cough up $5B to help a business that actually has turned a profit …. albeit in backrooms and adult bookstores.

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