My Favorite Time of Year

I think I have mentioned time and time again that the question I am always asked by viewers and people I run into when I walk down the street: Do you miss sports? I kind  of think of it as a strange question since I haven’t been a sportscaster at WTAE since June 2006.

However, I can answer in the affirmative to that question when this time of year comes around. When the NFL playoffs are in progress, I do miss covering sports. This is my favorite time of year and the one time during the year when I do miss what I did for 15 years of my professional career.

It’s more than just the football games that I miss. I spent Sunday in the stadium watching the game – as a fan. I had a beer, ate chicken fingers and yelled for the Steelers. It’s an odd feeling after spending every Sunday in the press box quietly taking notes as a I watched the contest. While I enjoyed the game, I miss being in the locker room after the game and doing interviews. I miss following a group of guys and getting to know them during the season and watching the journey from training camp all the way to the playoffs.

I do have a front row seat to see how the playoff atmosphere captures the region. From the pep rallies to the merchandise purchases, it’s amazing to watch how a city becomes one and unites behind a team. At least as a news anchor, I get to tell those stories each night but not quite in the same way I did when I was a sportscaster.

I do consider myself privileged to cover the Steelers are ride along with the town as this team advance to 5 AFC Championship games and two Super Bowls as a sportscaster. I’m sure I will have that same opportunity as a news anchor as the Steelers play in next week’s AFC Championship and, hopefully, the Super Bowl. However, it’s not quite the same as it was when I was in sports.

Still, if the Steelers do win that “six pack” championship in three weeks in Tampa, it will be just as enjoyable as being there for their win three years ago in Detroit.

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