“The Bachelor” Post-Show Analysis

OK, I admit it.  I’m hooked on the show now. I started watching last week and got caught up in the personalities, the silliness and the train wrecks. As you know, working at an ABC station, I have network programming on every set in the building. I can’t turn away from it, so I started watching the first episode of  “Dad Jason and the 25 women who would be his wife”. The field narrowed to 15 for Monday’s night episode.

My first impression: Jason’s a nice guy with a winning smile and apparently loves to walk around without his shirt. The last observation was not mine but from the other women who apparently had never seen a man without his shirt on before and went crazy for Jason.

He spent time with all the women in this show … and I said early on that Jillian and Shannon were my clubhouse leaders. They seemed to be the most normal of the women there. They didn’t talk about Jason as if he had just come from heaven and was the answer to their dreams.


The Bachelor with Megan from Sewickley. I was stunned she got a rose, but it’s added some spice to future episodes

Some of  other girls completely freaked me out. Natalie brought the claws out early in this one and Raquel ( with the exotic appearance and sound ) actually stalked Jason and found him in the limo and professed her love for him. Then there is Stephanie who had everyone crying when she told the story of her dead husband. While I felt for her, I was weirded out when she talked about Jason as if he was the second coming of him.

Then, there is Megan from Sewickley. Once again, she showed the world why she has quickly become the most disliked member of  the group … and she found a rival in Erica who would go toe-to-toe with her and they almost had a Jerry Springer-like throwdown.


The Bachelor with Jillian. She’s figured the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I think she’s the woman to beat.

That’s my general overview of show number two. The only thing that stunned me about the whole show ( other than the women acting absolutely silly and falling all over themselves for this guy ) was that Megan got a rose. What does he see in her? He didn’t even have a date with her. The other thing I noticed was the amount of crying taking place. Shannon cried a bit before going out on her date because Jason kissed the first girl he went out with. Natalie started crying because Jason kissed some other girl and this one girl who didn’t get a rose at the end not only crxied, but admitted to quitting her job before coming on this show.

I know it’s early in the program, but I am going to pick Jillian as the women who will win the bachelor’s heart. She seems to be the kind of girl every guy would love to be with. She’s pretty without being over the top. She’s humble but she’s no pushover. She’s sweet without being sappy.

That’s my overview of show number two. Feel free to discuss, criticize or analyze. Now back to being a guy and getting ready for the AFC Championship.

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