Heading to DC … to See History

I will not be blogging for the next few days, probably Thursday at the earliest. It’s not because I’m getting lazy, but rather I am off the DC for the Inauguration and don’t plan to bring a laptop with me. Even if I had one, I don’t know when I would have the time or place to sit down and coherently type thoughts about perhaps one of the largest events this country has ever seen.

I will be heading to DC for WTAE  to cover the Inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Many are calling this “historic”, and it is for very obvious reasons. However, this moment is more than that. It has drawn people from all four corners of the country and all walks of life to our nation’s capital to see something very rare: history being made. It’s not often you know when history is going to happen and can book a flight to get there.

Now I know many out there saying here’s another member of the liberal press gushing over Obama. Let me say, for the record, I do not “gush” and as far as being a member of the “liberal” media, I’m in local TV. We don’t enough time to show our political leanings. I am excited because I missed Martin Luther King’s speech in 1963. I was not there to witness Richard Nixon’s departure from the Oval office in shame and I did not see the U.S. Olympic team win the hockey gold medal in 1980.


This time, I know when history is going to happen. I even have the exact time … and I will be there.

The great unknown in all this is what will DC be like on January 20th. I have heard estimates of 2-3 million people in the nation’s capital to witness this event, but know one really knows. We do know its going to be cold and I do know a number of Pittsburghers will be there. Still, it’s scary and exciting to see how this January day will turn out. I do promise to take lots of pictures from my vantage point. I also plan to bring a “terrible towel” with me, so if you are going and you see a guy swinging a yellow towel, please stop me. Hopefully you are from the region and we can do an interview that day.

Please enjoy the day, no matter where you are, because it is history. It’s not about politics or race, it’s about a shared moment. Something that rarely happens in this country, but when it does, it makes for a memorable moment.

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