Super Bowl Tuesday

Hello once again from Tampa.


We survived the first day of Super Bowl week with no injuries and only a few minor technical problems. Yes, the weather is a s beautiful as it looks on TV. With the snow and ice that’s descended upon western Pennsylvania, I must admit its nice to be here.

The Steelers arrived Monday with the cool and confidence of a team that has been here before.Mike Tomlin maybe the youngest coach in Super Bowl history, but he sounds like a seasoned veteran as he talks about his team and what they have to do to get ready for the game this week. The biggest advantage the Steelers might have is the schedule leading up to the game. The Arizona Cardinals ( from the Mountain Time Zone ) have to meet the media at 8am local time each day while the Steelers 11am session is their normal time for media availability back in Pittsburgh.


Elevator doors at Steelers team hotel – the Intercontinental

Still looking for those Steeler fans. There were a few at the hotel the Steelers are staying at, but for the most part its Floridians who have become Steeler fans and not people from western Pennsylvania here for the game.

Today, of course, is media day. For those looking for news and insights, its not going to happen today. This is the very definition of a media circus. Half  the people that will throwing questions at the two teams haven’t covered a football game all year and likely will ask some of the most inane questions ever like these gems from the past:

“How long have you been a black quarterback?”

“Who has the biggest booty on the team?”

“How will the weather affect the game?” ( Good question, except the game was played indoors that year ).



Sally interviewing Mike and Mike from ESPN Radio

As for me, I’m just going to take it all in and try to enjoy a day unlike any other in sports, or journalism for that matter. Hey, don’t forget, we’ll be live at 5pm with the news and we have a nightly Steeler special at 7pm featuring former Steeler Merril Hoge who always has great insights.


Steeler team meeting rooms at hotel – the Intercontinental

I’m off! Got to grab breakfast and then hit the bus for the media day madness!

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