Super Bowl Thursday

I just got off the air with Jim and Randy from the DVE morning show on radio row at the media center here in Tampa. Those guys are fantastic and two of my favorite people in the world. They not only do smart, funny radio but have hit just about every Super Bowl party – and hit them hard.

As I joined them on radio row, I told them the story of how I went to media day with a red sweater vest on not realizing what it meant if the viewers saw me wearing it. I guess I did not think it was Cardinal red, but one of my producers clued me in. I have to say that while I do follow the team and want the Steelers to do well, I am not on the team’s payroll. I will wear Black and Gold from time to time, but I have a Steeler jacket in my closet and Steeler hat … and that is it. I’m a reporter, not a cheerleader.

Back to the big game and with three games to go, I think the players are getting tired of talking to the media … and I would say vice-versa is true. We spoke to everybody on media day Tuesday, then had access to everyone on Wednesday and will again today. Without a compelling storyline ( a.k.a. Joey Porter and Jeremy Stevens from Super Bowl XL ), there is little new to ask these players. This is when you start seeing stories manufactured from the smallest nugget or stories hammered ad nausea like Hines Ward’s knee. Even Hines told me he has had enough of it.

I am seeing more and more Steeler fans and the trickle turns into a downpour. I am getting the sense that Tampa Stadium will look like Detroit come gameday when the overwhelming majority of fans will be waiving Terrible Towels. I think Steeler fans will come out in massive numbers.

By the way, still looking to find my first person sporting Cardinal Red … other than myself.

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