Super Bowl Photos

Everyone please forgive me. I am absolutely fried.

After covering the Inauguration, the Super Bowl and the Championship Parade, I am in desperate need of sleep. No great words of wisdom to pass on today. Just a brief mention that I came within two points of predicting the final score of Super Bowl XL III ( I said Steelers, 28-24 ) and the pictures from after the game.


super-bowl-004Sally and myself in front of the trophy presentation stand.

super-bowl-0021Photographer Dan Pratt and punter Mike Berger picking up confetti after the game to save as momento.


The view from section 303, row DD, seat 27 at Raymond James Stadium.


Guy Junker, Sally and myself in the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIII.


Steeler president Art Rooney II allows me to hold the VInce Lombardi Trophy … and it’s very light.

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