The White House Dress Mess

If you ever wonder why nothing gets done in Washington – even in this new era of  “hope” and “change” that President Barack Obama proclaims, just take a look at the latest bit of craziness from our nation’s capital.

Andrew Card was the chief of staff under President Bush … and he is clearly not happy with the Obama administaton. What is his beef? The stimulus package? The junket the Democratic leadership took to Virginia tonight in order to “clear their heads”? No. Nothing so trivial.

Mr. Card is angry at the Obama administration over — get this — their choice of Oval Office dress. Here is what he said to the syndicated program Inside Edition:

“The Oval Office symbolizes…the Constitution, the hopes and dreams, and I’m going to say democracy. And when you have a dress code in the Supreme Court and a dress code on the floor of the Senate, floor of the House, I think it’s appropriate to have an expectation that there will be a dress code that respects the office of the President.”

In his opinion, Obama should wear a suit coat in the Oval Office. Card is taking his cue from the Bush White House where it was standard operation procedure to wear a suit coat in the Oval Office or you would be chastised by the President himself. So what’s the Obama White House dress code? The President rarely wears his jacket and neither do his staffers. Just shirt and tie and suit pants.


Am I the only one who wonders what Andrew Card’s been smoking?

Obama takes off his jacket to work in his office. I’m sorry, but so do many people in this country including myself. Taking off your jacket is not “dressing down” and, in no way, disrespects the office of the Presidency. Look, history shows many more disrespectful dress choices such as Bill Clinton in jogging gear ( including those inappropriate short shorts ) and Jimmy Carter wearing a cardigan to address the nation from the Oval Office. Don’t even get me started on the Nehru jackets Ford wore.

The point is, at at time where we need to find some common ground in this country, Republicans and Democrats can’t even agree on what to wear in the Oval Office. Any chance Mr. Card could lend a hand and come up with some constructive ways to fight this recession rather than serving as a poor man’s Mr. Blackwell? This is why I have very little faith in our leaders on either side of the table to solve this mess. They can’t even solve their dress issues.

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