WTAE Winterfest … In Pictures

could not be at WTAE Winterfest at Seven Springs because I was under the weather ( probably the Super Bowl hangover ). However, with the help of Winterfest organizaer Nancy Gormley, I thought I would do the next best thing: Show you pictures of all the action from the Celebrity Olympics …. and there were some great moments. Here’s just a few. Enjoy.
Kelly Frey pulling for her team in the tug-o-war..  


The talented and well dressed women of Channel 4: Shannon Perrine, Amber Nicotra, Erin Kienzle and Marcie Cipriani. Always in style for the snow.

winterfest-1The official Winterfest team photo!


Michelle Wright’s new co-anchor?


The morning crew up way past their bedtime.

And don’t forget, WTAE Winterfest rolls on this weekend!

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