Live By the Blog, Die by the Blog

President Obama talks about this new era in governing: an era of transparency. I want to do my part to add to this great openess and honesty in our world. So in the interest of truthfulness, I must tell you that I do take criticism personally.

I guess I bring this up because I have this habit of reading other blogs, especially those which discuss the Pittsburgh media. Call it being nosy or just being curious, I often like to read what others are saying about the business in which I work. While I realize that there are some that think local TV news is on par with selling used cars ( and that is not my comparison, I actually read it ), it is still the most widely used outlet when it comes to the masses getting their information.

Still, not everyone is going to be a fan … and some are really no fan of your work. Case in point, I was reading one of the TV websites on which TV people, mostly insiders, complain and critique everything from the level of coverage to the length of Katie Couric’s hair. One group of entries talked about Sally Wigging filling in on sports one night this week. The entries were very positive – and I thought that was great. Sally has always been someone who knows sports in this town and had demonstrated that on the air.

Then, one of the comments decided to get negative … at my expense .. saying while Sally did a fine job with sports “Stockey … had no business being a news anchor”. There was no elaboration.

I”m not going to pretend that I wasn’t affected by that comment. It’s difficult when you pour your heart and soul into something and someone tears your down. I’m sure I am not the first TV person to be criticized or ripped by an anonymous person, but I might be the first to tell you that it does bother me.

Then I started thinking about what I do in this space every day. I often criticize and take aim at people – from a distance. I have been critical about everyone from our mayor to ordinary people who I felt did extraordinarily dumb things. This is the nature of blogging. We are supposed to cast a light on what’s different, what we don’t agree with and what want to see changed. If all I did was talk about how great the world was, why would you take the time to read it?

In that light, I guess I need to learn to take criticism ( unwarranted or otherwise ) for what it is. Remember, success

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