Just Another Billion Dollars



I just wanted you to see what one trillion dollars actually looks like.

We talk so much about billions of dollars with the bank bailout plan, the financial stability plan and just about every plan imaginable to save our failing economy and the people who are suffering because of  it. Now, the talk has turned to a bailout plan that at point could have cost taxpayers one trillion dollars. Fortunately, congress came to its senses and approved an economic stimulus deal that is much less.

Only 700 billion dollars plus.

Let me try and put the stratospheric numbers in perspective.

One of our producers, Kevin Kalia, told me what a trillion dollars really is.

If you spent one million dollars a day since the day that Jesus Christ was born, you would still need another 730 years before you finally burn through that one trillion dollars.

The bottom line is that one trillion dollars is a lot of money. The current bailout deal – at over 700 billion dollars – is a lot of money. How much money is that? According to one website, if you stack ones on top of one another it would 39,000 miles tall. Enough to wrap around the equator six times.


That’s a lot of money. Money we are told is needed to restart the economy. Money that we won’t be paying back anytime soon given our current deficit situation … and the interest that is certain to mount from this kind of spending.



I just wanted to make sure you knew what one trillion dollars looks like. 12 zeros. I just wanted to make sure you know what we are talking about here when we talk about the bailout plan and when lawmakers and our President start tossing around billions of dollars, you know what the money really looks like.

It’s a lot of money. Too much for those willing to pass a bill to spend that kind of cash to be wrong. Let’s just hope those that lead our government are right because I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have another billion to spare  if this thing does not work.

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