Climb with Me

I will be on blogging break for a few days as I try to rest and recover from a busy winter and spent some quality time with Sharon. However, I wanted to leave you with this:  An invitation and an opportunity to do something fun, extraordinary, rewarding and educational.

It’s called Climb Pittsbugh III.  Its an event put on by the American Lung Association. It’s designed to expose people to what life would be like if you smoked and then tried to exercise. If you are wondering what it must be like to exert yourself physically while smoking, look no further than this event. The challenge is to climb all 44 flights of the Gulf Tower downtown. Sounds easy for most well-trained and physically fit people, but as I learned about 10 flights into this challenge, it can be exhausting.

Its about education, but its also a great physical challenge and one that some take weeks to prepare for. We have teams from various businesses that take part. Many of us from channel 4 participate including Ashley DiParlo, Michelle Wright and our interim news director, Roberta Petterson. Last year, just to make it a little more difficult, I put on the equipment and scaled the 44 flights with members of the Pittsburgh Fire Department. Let me say this, if you doubt that firefighters earn their keep, trying climbing up all those flights with 50 pounds of equipment on your back.


My best friend, Joe Seaman, anmd myself after making it to the top at Climb Pittsburgh II

I don’t normally ask you to do something for me, but I would love to see as many as you as possible on the morning of Saturday, March 28th. You can run in honor of someone who has stopped smoking, or climb in memory of someone who has lost the battle to lung cancer. You can spend a morning getting the ultimate workout … or spend time working out with a friend. Whatever your reason, please come. This event has grown year after year and we want to keep it going. There’s a mission here … and you can help advance that mission.

Here’s a link to the Climb Pittsburgh III website … as well as a video to show you what it’s all about. Hope to see you March 28th.

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