Tragedy in Lawrence County

For those who think we are not moved sometime by the news we present, let me point you towards the community of Wampum, Lawrence County.

It was difficult for all of us to report the story of the pregnant mother who was shot, execution-style, in her bed. It was horrifying to imagine something so cold and horrible. It left us with questions too numerous to remember. Why would someone do this? Why would they do it with a mother being so close to bringing another life into the world? The speculation swirled. Was it the father, a family member, a burglar or a random stranger?

Then came the shocking twist to the tale. The arrest by police of  11-year-old Jordan Brown, the son of the boyfriend of Kenzie Houk. Police say he shot Houk with the gun hidden in a blue blanket so she would not see it.

Since the murder, Brewer has been in jail – an adult jail – and now we are hearing tales of family heartbreak. Of a situation so horrifying and so confusing that words cannot describe what these families must be feeling.

I know we are supposed to be unbiased in reporting, but does not include our feelings. Your heart goes out to the young mother killed senselessly … and to the young boy who is accussed of killing someone he allegedly saw as his rival of his father’s affection.

This case brings out so many questions and controversies. Should children even have access to guns – for sport or otherwise? Should children be treated as adults for such heinous crimes? What do you tell the children: not just the ones in the home but also in the community?

The hardest part of all this is that I can see this tragedy becoming circus-like. I turned on Fox News and saw their “panel” discussing the case. I’m sure Court TV will be breaking down the legal proceedings from her. It’s only a matter of time before Geraldo Rivera shows up in Lawrence County ( I wish I were kidding but I’m afraid history tells me otherwise ).

Its a tragedy on so many levels and no matter whether you feel the 11-year-old is guilty or just confused, I’m sure you will realize what I have. This is a tragedy, pure and simple. Difficult to hear about. Just as difficult to report.

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