Mama Drama

I don’t read supermarket tabloids or watch soap operas. However, the last couple of days I feel like I have been chained up at the check out counter, forced to watch afternoon soaps.

I’m talking about “Octo-mon”, Nadya Suleman. In case you just got back into the county from a month-long trip, she is the mother of six children who had embryos implanted and gave birth to octuplets. Now, she has 14 kids. I wouldn’t openly criticize her for that choice …. assuming she could afford to take care of 14 kids.

Ah, there is the rub.

She is also supporting her “team” on California government assistance which includes food stamps. Sure, there are plenty of moral and ethical questions surrounding a plot to plan to have so many children but it might not be the most egregious thing she is doing. Her biggest crime may very well be becoming a “celebrity”.

Her appearance should be a clue this is more about box office than babies. She looks like a funhouse version of Angelina Joile. Then, there are sudden slew of  “exclusive” interviwews showing Nadya and her mother arguing about her decision to have so many children. Forgive me if  I see dollars signs when I watch these two having a “heartfelt” mother-daughter discussion.


Nadya “Octomom” Suleman: Sounds like a superhero’s name, but there is little heroic in the story surrounding this woman. ( AP photo )

Now, the latest bizarre twist has Suleman being offered a movie contract – by a pornographic movie distributor. Not just thousands to star in one film, but a deal to do a series of films. The strange thing: she came to prominence by having eight kids … through implanted eggs!

This whole “Octomom”thing is a train wreck. It’s become the modern day version of the wreck on the road. We all know about driving along the parkway and when we see a wreck, we cannot help but turn and look. Same here. Its the modern-day, multi-media freak show … that just gets freakier.

I would take this whole thing as simply Jerry Springer-style entertainment, if there weren’t kids involved. I mean what mother is doing media interviews when she has eight new born kids? These are children who are doing well but are still in the fragile state of  life. So where is mom? She’s arguing with her mother on national television about possibly having more kids!

I guess its just kind of sad that this is going on … and mere babies are being exploited in the process. If a woman wants to have 14 kids, its not my place to challenge her. However, when those kids become part of media circus fueled by the mother and her family ( her willing accomplices ), it just makes me sick.

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