Really Dumb … But Really True

You don’t see it because we are either in commercial or the video is up and running, but there are stories that simply make me sit and laugh from the sheer stupidity of the people involved.

Where do I begin? How about West Virginia. There is a lawmaker in the state named Jeff Eldridge who actually stood up before the state legislature and proposed a bill to ban sales of …. Barbie!!!! His argument is that the doll provides young girls and warped sense of body and takes away from their intellectual development.

I cannot argue with the reasoning, but I can completely slam this guy’s decision to go before the state legislature and float this idea before them. If you ever wonder why most of America holds politicians in such low esteem, here’s exhibit A.



WV lawmaker and would-be Barbie Banner Jeff Eldridge: Dumb

But it’s not limited to politics. Have you heard of  Bernie Madoff, the investment guru who ran a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme which defrauded everyone from millions to charities out of their cash? That would have been bad enough, except Madoff and his wife have decided to add insult to injury.

They contend that their $6 million condo and $50 million in investments should not be factored in their final punishment because they earned all that “before” they began the Ponzi scheme.



Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff: Dumber

For just making that request, Madoff should no longer be under house arrest. He should be sent straight to prison while he awaits his trial. That is dumbest thing I have ever heard. Yeah, we did take all these people’s money but only after we made our fortune so that money should not be factored into any settlement.

Finally, for really stupid things,  I need turn no further than the world of professional sports which has been off its rocket for years. Allow me to introduce Manny Ramirez, late of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now a free agent following a great season in L.A., he and his agent Scott Boros are negotiating for more money. The latest offer from the Dodgers: 2-years, $45 million. Oh, by the way,  that is also the only offer on the table.

Still, that’s not stopping Ramierez and Boros from saying “no” to the offer.


Manny ” I walked away from $45M” Ramirez: Dumbest

Wait, did he just say no to $23.5 million a year? In this economy? I don’t know if Ramirez speaks English, but the word “recession” translates in any language. What is this fool and his agent waiting for? No one is going offer him close to that. I guess this is what people in baseball refer to as “Manny being Manny”.

As dumb as walking away from $45 million may be, it pales in comparison to the stupidity to come from the Dodgers when they pay Ramirez anyway when he comes back to the bargaining table rather than do what they should: tell Manny and his agent to take a walk and don’t let the door hit them on the way out.

In the news, there are sad situations, tragic occurrences and unfortunate situatons. But then, there are stories that are just plain stupid. Whether it be the people involved, the decisions they make or the excuse for their actions. I just hope that when you hear stories like this, you will think of yourself as smarter because you are.

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