Night and the City

I’m sitting at my desk in the middle of the newsroom late this Sunday night. There are a few people here getting ready for the 11pm news: Shannon Perrine, Tara Edwards and our veteran 11pm, Connie Stewart.

Yes, I’m the only guy in the room at present.

Theer are seven or eight flat screens above me. Off to the left, I see “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC, a show that is about the same whether you have the sound up or down. It just looks stupid. In front of me, CNN debating the Obama Stimulus plan for the one millionth time with the self-proclaimed “Best Political Team on Television”. As much into politcs as I am, I’m tired of watching people debate the merits of the plan.

I didn’t sit down to write about my TV habits or to give you a bird’s eye view of the newsroom at 9:46pm on a Sunday. I’m here to blog about what happens after I leave her. I drive home. A trip that talkes me into one of the world’s most beautiful cities at night. That’s right, our own Pittsburgh. As great as it looks in the sunlight, it really shimmers at night.

Then again, I think I would like just about any large metropolitan city at night. It’s funny. As a child, I was afraid of the dark. I had to have a nightlight on at all times or I was afraid something in the dark would come and eat me. As an adult, I love the world at night. Whether it was working the morning show and driving into WTAE at 3am … or coming home now after 11:30pm … I get to see this gem light up at night.

Super Bowl Marketing Pittsburgh

Pittsburghat night: A better view I cannot imagine.

The night has a sound and feeling all its own in a big city. Its mysterious and frightening while at the same time alluring and inviting. It brings out different kinds of creatures than appear in the city during the day. Its about movies and shows, restaurant and bars and, when the weather is nice, couples young and old walking the streets hand in hand.

Sometimes on the way home before I go through the Fort Pitt Tunnels, I will take a detour and drive along the city streets … or maybe head McArdle Roadway and park on Grandview Avenue on Mount Washington. The $64 Billion view from the Mount is hard to beat. Of course, I’m sure because of the economy, that $64 billion view has not been reduced in value to $40 B.

I will also listen to certain types of music to enhance the drive through town at night. As I said before, the city at night has a soundtrack all its own. I’m partial to jazz so it could one of my favorite smooth jazz artists or perhaps something more R&B. The right music enhances a drive down Penn Avenue at night.

I used to live in the city … and I do regret not living there anymore … because this city at night was my backyard. Perhaps someday I will move back there and be able to enjoy more than a short drive through the city every night on the way home.

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