Sharing Words of Wisdom

It’s  getting to be that time of year for me. For some reason, spring gets busy when it comes to making public appearances. I like doing charity fundraisers, enjoy trying new things like narrating shows and concerts and I wish I never had to turn down a golf invite.

All that being said, there is no more experience I take more seriously than speaking to young people about careers in broadcast journalism. I think I am often asked to do this because I have this habit of not being able to say “no”. When I was a young person thinking about a career, I met adults who would always take the time to share a couple of words with me. Professionals whom you probably had never heard of … to the more famous ( Roger Ailes, creator of  Fox News, spent some moments with me back when I was in college and he was a political consultant ).

Through all those times I received some nugget of information that would help guide my career path, I learned a valuable lesson: be sure to be as generous with the next generation. I have always done that and tried to take a few minutes to speak with either  a high school or college student about my world. 

The world has changed greatly since I anchored my first sportscast in Hartford, Connecticut since 1991. Back then, there was no internet to speak of and CNN was the only game in town. Most of all, television didn’t have to worry about the economic pressures. That is not the case anymore. Still, I don’t want to dash the hopes of the next generation of journalists. I just want them to know that the playing field has changed and the only way to succeed is to be flexible and adapt to our changing world and business.

I’m heading to Avonworth HS to speak with some students who want to be in this field in the future. I always think hard about what I say and how I say it. I realize that the words I use may have a lasting impact … or maybe not. Still its not a opportunity I take lightly. I always try to put myself in the shoes of these young people and ask myself what they would want to know.

Hopefully, I will be able to impart some wisdom come Thursday.

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