Are We Really That Different?

Hi everybody. I have been busy as heck these last few days and unable to blog. I really should be doing some prep work but I need to write so I can get something off my chest and so I don’t lose you as a loyal reader.

Everyday before Wendy Bell and I anchor Channel 4 Action News at 5, we get to the studio five minutes before airtime. As we wait to go on the air, we usually catch the final 5 minutes of Oprah. Now I will be honest. Oprah is not my thing. It’s a great show and she has many loyal fans, I’m just not a big viewer of the O.

A couple of days ago, Oprah did a show about women trying to meet men and why they can’t find a “good” man. Her relationship expert on this show? It was comedian Steve Harvey who has written a book “explaining” men to women and how to get them into a loving relationship. The book is entitled Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment.

Where do I start?


Is this what the pursuit of a relationship has been reduced to: Advice for women about men from a comedian?

Why in the world would I turn to a former sitcom star for advice on the opposite sex? More to the point, what makes him such an expert on men? I’ve been a guy for 40 years and I have no clue why we do the things we do. I do know that we all don’t do the same things and can’t be all lumped into one group.

Why in the world are women turning to professional advice when it comes to meeting a man anyway? Why do you ladies need to spend one single dime to hear from a “so-called expert” on men? I think it’s insulting to any woman that you assume she needs any advice on relationships. Look, we are not that hard to figure out. Feed us and we’ll do just about anything you want. Give us our space to play with our buddies. Trust us and most of the time we will surprise you and do the right thing.

Yes, men and women are different … and not just anatomically. We look at the world differently and we react in different ways to different situations. That being said, we are also the same in many important ways. We want to be loved, we want to be understood and we want to be respected.

Yes, relationships can be frustrating and just finding your soul mate can be a herculean task. However, I don’t think you have to turn to how-to books when it comes to the search for love. I think common sense goes a whole lot further and will allow you to be much more successful. Searching for mate is just like going after anything in life: It takes time, patience and you will fail more than you succeed. However, if you trust yourself and your instincts, it will happen. ( Sorry, that sounded a lot like advice. Then again, I’m not selling some book ).

Let me put it to you this way: You shouldn’t turn to Steve Harvey for advice on meeting men anymore than I need Joan Rivers helping me speak the language of women … unless you are looking for a good laugh and with these two “comedians” even that is up for debate.

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