I am back …. and on the run!

Let me apologize – profusely – for the last few days. I have been a bad boy and not updated my blog. I have been extremely busy. Believe it or not, we anchors do more than show up and read copy. I would get into details, but I don’t want the competition to know what I am up to.

One thing I have been doing is something I have always hated – until now.


I started running last winter on a treadmill, but I really picked things up in February when a friend of mine – over drinks – suggested I run the half marathon portion of the Pittsburgh marathon. I guess I had had one too many because I actually agreed to do it.

What was I thinking? I never ran in my life. I had not run any more than a 5K once a year at the Race for the Cure on Mother’s Day. I found running boring and not really much for my health. Then, I started training for the half marathon.

I started with 5K distances, but increased weekly. I filled my iPod with music and started breathing much easier. Today, all the hard work paid off … as I ran the Montour Trail on this warm spring day. When I looked up 90 minutes later, I had run 10 miles! 10 miles! That’s definitely a PB ( personal best for those who don’t speak the runner’s lingo … like me ).


The Pittsburgh Marathon: My goal …. and the motivation for me to change the way I live my life,

I have found running to be relaxing, theraputic and a chance to escape. I am able to deal with the challenges, both professional and personal, in my life when I am out running on a trail. I feel much more in control and … believe it or not … more confident. All thanks to running.

Then there is great side benefit. I have lost weight. 15 pounds worth over the last month or so. It’s kept my tailor busy … and in a state of shock. Nino keeps asking me what am I doing and I tell him all I’m doing is running. He has hd to take in most of dress pants two inches. To see the change in my waist and on may face makes me want to continue to run … and shrink my waist line. My goal is to get just under 200 pounds … and maintain that weight.

Best of all, I now have a goal in my life. A goal that I must reach in time for the May 3rd race. Making it 13.1 miles in the Pittsburgh marathon. I know its only a half marathon, but for someone who never enjoyed running at any point-in his life, reaching this goal would be one of  the proudest moments of my life.

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