The Quiz Bowl … and The Search for Questions

Editot’s note: WTAE is hosting the first debate between the three Democratic candidates for mayor of Pittsburgh. I will be serving as moderator Monday night at 7pm and I need your help. We are looking for questions for the candidates … from you.

You can submit those questions in e-mail form or on videotape by Monday. It’s your chance to ask the  people who are going to decide how your money is spent how they plan to spend it … or any question. Let your voice be heard … and get those questions in Now!

Speaking of questions, do you know the Pittsburgh native who became the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy? It’s one of the easier questions in the second annual African-American Quiz Bowl which took place today at Northside Urban Pathways School – a charter school in the cultural district.


Students relaxing after a hard day of questioning at the Quiz Bowl

The school came up with the idea in order to not only spur interest in African-American history among its students, but students all across the county. That’s right, there were other schools and there was quite  diversity: Canon McMillan, Central Catholic, Brentwood, Carlynton and Career Connections.

Even more encouraging? It wasn’t just African-American students. I saw white students taking part in this competition as they were tested on their knowledge in five catagories: Famous People, History, Sports, Sciences and the Arts. My role was that of  host, asking all the questions while trying to figure out the answers to many of the questions.

What I soon discovered is just how much these students knew about my history that I didn’t. I learned about the inventions of African-Americans that prior to this morning I had no idea. Did you know a black person invented the car air conditioner, advancement in hair care products and cataract lens? Seems sports was the only category in which I actually fared well.



With Linda Clautti, CEO of Northside Urban Pathways

We even had one of the questions challenged. Turns out Barack Obama was not the first African-American nominated by a major political party for the Presidency. I let you try and figure out the answer but it turns out the students were right with their challenge.

The point was that African-American history is American history and we should all want to learn it … and what better way than through a competition. Why not get your high school on board for next year’s competition.

Did I mention there are cool raffle prizes as well? Here’s the link to Northside Urban Pathways, the creators and host of this event.


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