The Light Goes On

I wouldn’t call it an epiphany, but when I mentioned the thought on my Facebook page, a friend said an intervention might be in order.

I’m speaking about the realization that I might actually enjoy running more than I enjoy golf. Let me say that again. I might actually enjoy running more than I enjoy golf.

I’m not sure when the moment struck me, but I’m quite sure it had something to do with Mother’s Day when I took part in the running portion of the Race for the Cure. As you know its one of my favorite events as well as something near and dear to my heart. The inspiration from seeing the survivors on the course might be what drives me to run as fast as I can.

I ran the 5K in 25:48, not a great time but after doing the Pittsburgh Half Marathon I was not even winded after the 5K and felt it was one of my best efforts ever. Later Sunday, I played golf and after shanking three straight balls on the fourth hole I tossed my club 50 yards down the fairway and said something that I cannot put into words on this blog. Then, I picked up my club, drove back to the clubhouse and threw my clubs in the trunk.

I got up this morning and ran another 6 miles.

hawaii trip 015

Is Andrew Stockey ready to hang up the clubs and run?

The point is running did not frustrate me. It did not send me into a rage in which I found myself tossing my shoes as fast as I had tossed my clubs. It was therapeutic and relaxing. It allowed me to both think and forget. In short, less brain power was needed and I felt like a new man afterwards. Perhaps I have become a new man, at least a new man minus the 23 pounds I was carrying before I started running in March.

Now I know I still like golf, still like watching golf and still like the comraderie of the game. However, it doesn’t hold the same grip on me it once did. Instead of looking at courses to play, I’m looking at races to run. There’s a half marathon I just signed up for in August in my hometown of Chicago.

Maybe its not so much a realization about golf and running as it is a realization that as we get older, our interests and passions change. When I was in my 20’s, it was all about baseball. Then, into my 30’s, golf was king. Now as I start my 40’s, I’m ready to run like the wind.

Can’t wait to see what excites me in my 50’s. I trust it will be the feeling of being able to do something and not be in pain the next morning.

Editor’s note:I must say something about my fellow co-anchor Michelle Wright’s blog. Michelle seems never to be at a loss for material, mainly because of yours truly. The latest is her posted video of myself taking part in the giant pre-race warm-up. This year, it was Zumba. If you have ever done this, you realize its more of an expressive dance than a stretch.

Of course, since I was the rookie in the group on stage doing this, I looked more like cheesy club dancer than an athlete. Michelle has been laughing all day as have most of you. All I can say is “Michelle, why do you tease me so?”. Then I say to myself, if not for my antics what would she blog about?

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