So Predictable

While we are fired up about the Stanley Cup playoffs in these parts, there was a bigger story playing out in our nation’s capital. President Barack Obama revealed his nominee to replace the retiring David Souter on the Supreme Court.

The pick was — and wasn’t surprising. Sonia Sotomayor is a woman, as expected. She is also a Latino and, if confirmed, would become the first Hispanic member of the High Court. That also surprised few experts. There had been two women on the court prior to the retirement of justice Sandra Day O’Connor … and Obama had been clear on his desire for a more diverse court. Sotomayor’s nomination kills  two birds with one stone.

Also predictable: the reaction to the choice along party lines. Democrats offering support while Republicans planning to grill the nominee. It seems this is always the case, regardless of the nominee. In this case, Obama’s empathetic candidate versus the YouTube video now airing showing Sotomayor years ago saying that a judge’s job was to make law as well as interpret it.

Now I don’t know where you stand on the whole issue. Your decision maybe as simple as whether the candidate is pro-life or pro-choice. Whatever your view, I know one thing: I am sick and tired of these two sides of the aisle always on opposite sides of  any decision.


What happened to this New Washington we heard so much about during the campaign. Whatever happened to Change We Can Believe In? Wait, I know what the Republican and Democratic response will be … and it will be a lot of finger pointing, blaming the other side. All I know is that when you are the minorityparty, you cannot make your living by simply opposing what the party in power is doing. I also know that when you are in power, you can’t just do what you want and not offer an olive branch to the minority party.

All this being said, do not expect an explosive confirmation hearing a la Clarence Thomas some 20 years ago. The Republicans are smart enough to know that opposing an historic nomination – involving a member of the fastest-growing voter block in the county ( Hispanics ) – borders on political suicide. Expect a tough confirmation, but not for the GOP to be seen as the roadblock to her confirmation … and yes, she will be confirmed.

My prediction.

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