Facing Your Own Game 7

Editor’s note: Andrew will be blogging from Detroit before and after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Look for updates here.

We’re on late tonight because of the NAB finals this Thursday night, so I will have to hurry home and pack my bags. In the morning, it’s off to Motown for game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I know that I no longer do sports, but as you can tell this event “transcends” sports. It’s more than a game, it truly is an event. The Penguins and Red Wings are about to give us a fitting ending to one of the most exciting playoff seasons in recent memory.

While many fans will tell you they would rather win the cup in four games, there is something about game 7 – in any sport. It is final and puts an exclamation point on the championship chase.

I think we have all faced game 7 in our lives, in one form or another. We have all faced a challenge in our lives where it came down to an all-or-nothing scenario. Whether it be a job interview, a date or perhaps a crucial life-changing decision, we have each been in the winner-take-all scenario. Believe it or not, this is what the Pens and Red Wings are about to deal with tomorrow.

finals logoThe great lesson in life’s Game 7’s is this: experience helps but does matter when it comes to facing that challenge. What you did before doesn’t count when you face a Game 7 in your life.

Game 7’s can also be seen from two different angles. You could be the favorite, like the Detroit Red Wings, with everything to lose and all the pressure on your shoulders. You could be the underdog, like the Pens, with nothing to lose because no one expected you to be there.

Enough with the analogy. The point is Game 7’s happens rarely in sports, but quite often in life. I think if you are a Pens fan and you are nervous about Friday night, just think back to your own personal Game 7 … and how you handled it.

Now you know why I feel supremely confident.

By the way, can I get anyone something from Detroit when I come back?

A cup perhaps?

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