Jon … Minus Kate & the 8

I have never heard of Jon & Kate until last week. Had no idea what the show was all about and didn’t even know what network carried the program. Apparently, I was in the minority.

“Jon & Kate Plus 8” has become a cable television hit. The program has been on for a few years and has gained a loyal and growing following. The story of the Gosselins and their eight children in Wernersville, Pennsylvania is a compelling one. Raising eight young children should give any writer enough stories for a season-long reality series.

However, the story that was all about the kids has taken a twist. The focus soon moved to the husband and wife. Jon and Kate are showing the stress of the children – and the constant eyes of the TV cameras – has taken its toll on their marriage. There have been rumors of infidelity on both sides, rumors each spouse denies.

TV Jon & Kate Investigation

The 8 … minus Jon and Kate. The parents are splitting up. So what happens to the reality TV show?

Finally, all the speculation bubbled over on Monday’s season premiere. Even the mainstream media – and Channel 4 – were doing stories about what would happen in tonight’s season premiere. Even though I had never seen the show, it was easy to guess that the couple was breaking up. Jon says he’s moving out, while Kate stays with the 8 kids.

I would love to write this off as reality TV, but these are real people … with 8 real young children. However, its become nothing more than a plot twist for viewers. In a report from our sister station in Harrisburg, there was this one guy waiting outside the house today hoping to catch a glimpse of Jon or Kate. He said he found their story “compelling” and wanted to see them in person. Paparazzi was stationed outside the home, hoping to get a picture.

I just find the whole thing very sad. Divorce is a serious thing, and reality TV has turned it into prime-time fodder. I wish Jon and Kate all the best and hope, privately, they can find some peace … away from the cameras and for their eight children who will have to grow up without the spotlight and cameras and eventually deal with being children of divorce.

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