Residents of Pittsburgh: Help Me Out!

I’m putting out an ABP. I need your help long-time residents of Pittsburgh as well as those who have called this place home for only a short time.

I know I have been here 15 years so I should have a handle on the town I call home, but I have been given an enormous responsibility. My friend from high school has a friend who has landed a job in Pittsburgh. She hasn’t been in the city in more than a decade … and now she’s about to call it hone.

So where should I taker her? How do I show off this beautiful town without giving everything away. How do I give her a taste of  Pittsburgh without feeding her the whole Primanti’s  sandwich? You get the point here.

sunny day 001

How would you show off our city to a newcomer in one afternoon?

So I’m aksing you, loyal blog readers and your friends. If you only had a few hours, what would you show a newcomer and furure resident of  Pittsburgh. That’s what I want to know … and I want you to tell me. Send me your best ideas over the next two days and I will create my own trip guide for this latest person to call Pittsburgh home.

Thanks, in advance, for your help … and feel free to sell it to me in Pittsburgh-guese. You can send your ideas to the link right here on my blog page.

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