The Superstar Next Door

When it comes to sports – as a nation in general – we have a rather limited concept of what truly constitutes a sport. If its not football, basketball, baseball, hockey or NASCAR, its often doesn’t get network coverage or big-time attention. That’s too bad because some of the most incredible athletes live on the fringe.

Such is the story of Kristi Leskinen, who has become a bona fide star in the sport of freeskiing. Essentially, the half pipe and other forms of performance skiing that need not only skill, but also creativity, daring and a flare for the dramatic. She has become the leader in this genre known as Action Sports. By the way, did I mention she was from Fayette county?

Now, she has an opportunity to show her stuff to the entire country. Kristi is competing on the ABC reality series “The Superstars” where she matches wits and talents with the likes of Terrell Owens, Brandi Chastain and Lisa Leslie. I had a chance to sit down with Kristi at her Fayette County home. You know it better as The Summit Inn. The resort has been run by her family for some 60 years.


Kristi ( Second from left ) with her mother, two sisters and a visitor

That’s where Kristi grew up and learned skiing and just about every other sport under the sun. She says Farmington is a wonderful place to come back to … and the skills she learned as a child have helped her in this competition against some of the heroes she grew up watching.

But for Kristi, instead of individual fame, she says her appearance on “The Superstars” is her chance to advance the cause of Action Sports. Except for the X-Games, their sports get very little attention. Kristi figures if she can perform well and equal her contemporaries from other sports on the field of play, the audience will want to learn more about this freeskiing star from Fayette County … and the sports she plays.

You can count me as one of her new fans … and one who wants to learn about her field of play: the world of Action Sports.

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