Head Scratcher in South Carolina

There are some stories you just cannot make up. The latest to cross our desk is the deal in South Carolina involving the Governor and his affair with a woman from Argentina. In case you haven’t heard about this, I will give you the Cliff Notes version:

Governor goes away to Argentina without telling his staff – or anyone else for that matter – and consummates a long-time, e-mail relationship with a woman from South America. Upon returning, he’s busted and holds a news conference professing his guilt to the media. The govenor has a wife, four kids and possible Presidential aspirations. As of tonight, he still has the wife and four kids.

The story should, for the public’s purpose, should have ended there. However, Governor Mark Sanford showed off his gift for gab at the press conference where he admitted to the affair. Now, he’s gone one step further.


South Carolina governor Mark Sanford … and the ultimate example of TMI.

In what was described as an emotional interview with the Associated Press, Sanford admitted he had “crossed the line” with other women but did not have sex with them. Wait, it gets worse – and even harder to believe. He calls the “other” woman his “soul mate”. Still, he says he would “try and fall in love” with his wife all over again.

Did I really need to know this? More to the point, did his wife need to know this? I can see the breakfast conversation the day after these interviews. She asks him not to do her any favors and “try” and fall in love with me all over again.

What was this guy thinking?

When one spouse cheats on another, it’s never pretty. However, there are different ways to admit your infidelity. The best is just to admit doing it without giving too many details. Hearing the “other woman” is still his “soul mate” can’t make Mrs. Sanford very happy and to hear the governor is going to “try” and fall in love with his wife again might be worse than the original sin.

Political figures seem to always end up in these sexual quagmires. Some will actually save their careers … and their jobs. Sanford offers a textbook example on how not to handle scandal. In this case, less would be more. Instead, his political career is history and I would assume his marriage may follow.

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