Death: Its Only the Beginning

He did die Thursday, June 25th, right?

Just thought I would check because with all the coverage on the national network and cable news, you would think Michael Jackson is on his deathbed. No matter where you turn, there are shows with the “inside” story on Michael Jackson: his death, the drugs he was taking, the people he was with at the time, the secret tapes, etc.

It’s quite obvious that Michael Jackson was loved by millions worldwide, influencing a generation of musicians and young people. He made people very happy and despite the child molestation case, he is genuinely loved by people around the world.

All that being said, since when did this guy who hasn’t had a hit record in five years suddenly earn the kind of deity status reserved for heads of state? Here’s Al Sharpton( and since when did he become the conscious of  a nation ) asking that Tuesday’s memorial service become a national day of mourning. Folks, I know he was the “King of Pop”, but last I checked no one voted him into that office. Come to think of it, I don’t the death and remembrance of Ronald Reagan lasted this long.

While I think it makes sense to broadcast the proceedings Tuesday inside the Staples Center ( 17,000 seats and 1.6 million applied to get tickets ), I think all the ancillary coverage has gone way too far. It’s even being called a seminal moment, his passing, like that of Elvis Presley a generation ago. The difference is that we live in a world which celebrates celebrity to excess.


The late “King of  Pop”: Sorry to see him go, but given the amount of coverage his passing has been getting, is he really really gone?

Truth be told, I don’t even know if he is truly dead. I keep hearing it, but until I see MJ in that $25K gold-plated casket, I probably won’t believe it. The cynic in me says that this is all part of this comeback tour and somehow on Tuesday he will rise from the dead and start this concert tour he planned before his passing.

OK, I am getting cynical, but I’m getting tired of hearing from all the members of the Jackson family … who by the way are now planning a concert tour to remember Michael. Oh great, the Jackson 4 … or will LaToya and Janet be joining them.

I will always hjave fond memories of  Michael Jackson, the artist. He could sing and he could write great music. His appearance? Let me just stay away from that. I guess what I’m saying is leave me with my memories and please don’t tell me this is something greater than what it is: the premature passing of a pop music performer.

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