A Renewal of Our Faith … In Love

I’m not sure what it is about weddings.

I mean its our most sacred institution, but perhaps our ordinary. Despite the variations, its been the same since the dawn of time. Two people get up, hold hands and before the Almighty as well as their assembled family and friends, pledge their love and affection from now until the end of time.

Even though I know what will happen each time I go to a wedding I cannot help but be moved by the experience. Such was the case this weekend in West Palm Beach. My agent, business partner and friend Bill LaPlante walked his daughter Lauren down the aisle and asked me to be there. I was happy to do so. I had known Lauren since she was a little girl. While I am not her mom or dad, to see her walk down the aisle was a wonderful and moving thing.

laplante family

The LaPlantes, my second family, celebrates daughter Lauren’s wedding.

As everyone sits and watches the ceremony, they cannot help but think back to their special day. I remember mine. It was a sunny day in June in St Thomas in 2000. It rained one hour before the ceremony, but when the skies cleared we  were wed in front of our parents, our close friends … and more than a few beach combers. It was a special day that holds great memories and images for me.

I think weddings, whether they are our moment or someone else’s, are a renewal of our faith in love. Either in the power of love if you happen to be with someone during that wedding … or the hope that love is there for each one of us if we happen to attend the wedding alone. A wedding is the greatest expression of love that two people can share. It’s also the launching of a great journey called life that the couple who take together.

A journey in which love shuld only grow … and hopefully the best is yet to come … for those witnessing the wedding as well as the happy newlyweds.

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