Vote For Wendy!

Hi. I have become the de facto campaign manager for one Wendy Bell. She is not running for public office, although I think given our current state of leadership she could do just as well as some of our elected leaders.

No, I am managing Wendy’s campaign to become a guest co-host with Regis Philbin on “Regis & Kelly” August 17th. Each year, the show asks viewers to select a co-host to fill in while one of the hosts is on vacation. This year, Wendy is up against some very talented women who anchor the news at various station across the country.

So why choose Wendy? First of all, Pittsburghers have this ability to choose one of their own and give them enough votes to beat anyone in the country in any contest. Case in point, Jason Bay was voted in by the fans to play in the 2006 All-Star Game at PNC Park. We know how to rally.


Now I may be biased, since I do work with Wendy and consider her a good friend, but I can think of no better fill-in foil for Regis than Wendy. Her sharp with and fearlessness would be the perfect compliment to Mr. Philbin. She will not be intimidated or shocked by the brights lights of  the big city.

She is also “real”. I think the one question I am always asked is whether Wendy is as real as she seems on the air. The answer is a resounding “yes”. She is just as she is at home and behind the scenes as she is on TV. She is glib, real, fun-loving and sometimes its hard to tell where the anchorwoman begins and mother ends. Plus, she has the best video of all the finalists. Its her with her 5 kids, essentially asking you to vote for her to give her a day off from her five wonderful but overwhelming kids. You don’t have to be a mom to sympathize.

Wendy makes no bold promises, won’t make any campaign speeches and will not kiss any babies other than her own. Still, she is the kind of person “Regis and Kelly” needs and the kind of person to represent our town. We are a city of champions again. Let Wendy bring home one more title.

Here is the link to the “Regis  & Kelly” website. It’s a little bit to get to the voting page, but I think it will be worth it. It will prove that we, as Pittsburghers, are willing to go the extra mile. So vote for Wendy … early and often.

This message paid for by the committee to get Wendy Bell on “Regis & Kelly”. Andrew Stockey, campaign manager … and Wendy approves this message

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