The Campaign Comes to a Close

Wendy Bell’s bid to win a seat aside Regis Philbin – and my career as a campaign manager – came to a quick and crushing end today. “Regis and Kelly” asked viewers to vote among ten women the five that would fill in for Kelly Ripa next month.

Wendy was one of the ten and, in my opinion, had the best of the 30 seconds videos each candidate had to submit. Instead of a highly produced piece pushing her virtues, Wendy was Wendy. Sitting in her basement with her five young children asking viewers to pick her and give her some time off from the rugrats.

On my end, I tried to rally the locals: via Facebook, Twitter and on my blog. The result: we had lots of people pull for Wendy and vote for her. However, in the end, Pittsburgh could not overcome the challenge from candidates from other markets. Wendy lost. However, I think I was more down than she wa. While she relished the experience and said “it was just an honor being nominated”, I was bummed … even thinking maybe we should have “gone negative”. Just kidding.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. I got e-mails from all over western Pennsylvania. Viewers, friends, and even our pals a WDVE championing Wendy’s cause.

I guess on the bright side we keep to Wendy and her talents all to ourselves. I would hate to lose my partner.


As long as I am blogging … and on a completely different subject … I think this “beer summit between the President, Professor Gates and Cambridge police officer Jim Crowley might be the silliest thing I have ever heard of. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt heard of the so-called “racial profiling” controversy and the subsequent firestorm set-off by the President when he said the Cambridge Massachusetts police “acted stupidly” in arresting Gates even though he admitted he did not have all the facts in this case.

Now, in an attempt to bring the two sides in this mess together, he is having them over for a beer on the bench outside the Oval Office to discuss the matter and reach some sort of truce. How silly is this idea? The media has more interest in what beer the three will be drinking than what will be discussed.

Look, as each day unfolds, this becomes less and less of a case of racial profiling and more a case of two men in need a deep breath. Gates clearly was not helpful during the situation, coming off as confrontational with police. It can now be told that Crowley was not honest in his initial assessment. He said the woman who alerted 9-1-1 to the break-in said it was two black males who broke into the home. The tapes now show the woman never mentioned race in her description to the 9-1- dispatcher.

Now, a beer summit? It seems more like a photo op than an attempt at peace. Frankly, what peace is he seeking? It would serve everyone if each side could drop its request for an apology and just move past this, using this as the President said last week, as a “teachable moment”.

Instead, its “happy hour” at the White House.

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