“Beer Summit” Falls Flat

“The Audacity of  Hops”.

Just one of the bad puns I heard today on the network broadcasts as they were absolutely giddy in covering this supposed “Beer Summit” at the White House between the President, the Professor and the Police officer regarding this “racial profiling” incident. I put the term in quotes because as time goes by, this looks less and less like a case of racial profiling and more and more like a case of two people acting, in the President’s words, “stupidly”.

Any way, this beer summit was just what I thought: a photo op. The trio sitting down, being served their favorite beer. They were joined by Vice-President Joe Biden which struck me as odd. Biden, who has been known to say the frequent off-color and inappropriate remark, was sitting these at a meeting where I’m sure things were somewhat tense to say the least.

Anyway, this whole idea of the leader of the free world brokering a meeting between these two men as if he were Jimmy Carter and the pair were Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin and this was the Camp David Peace Accords bordered on silly. Why waste time drinking beer as if this foursome were college chums reuniting at an off-campus bar.


The “Beer Summit”: Biden, Gates, Crowley and Obama

Even worse, I think President Obama invited the wrong people to this “beer summit”. Instead of the Vice-President, he should have extended an invitation to Lucia Whalen. She is the woman who made the 9-1-1 call and, prior to the release of the tapes, had been called “racist” for doing what I hope my neighbor would do for me: watch my house. She is the one who could use a beer after this whole incident.

This has been called a “teachable moment” by President Obama, but I have learned very little during this entire episode. I’ve seen no healing of racial divides and no greater understanding between the races. What have we learned? We know what kind of beer the President, the Professor and the Police Officer drink.

Hardly, a moment of great racial healing for this country. As far as I have heard, no one has said whether the words “i’m sorry” were uttered during the summit.

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