The Day After

Usually, things become much clearer in the light of day. That is not the case in the community that calls the L.A. Fitness center in Collier township their meeting place. A full day after the shootings that took the lives of three women, we are still asking what would possess a man to walk into an aerobics class and open fire.

In this case, we do have more than just guesses to go with. We have the shooter’s blog which detailed his motive, his plan of attack and the times he hedged. It’s a extraordinary look into the mind of a killer but it still does not answer the question why. Why would someone go from words and comments to deeds and actions that proved fatal?


The scene at L.A. Fitness in Collier township Tuesday.

It’s an answer that even the best of psychologists cannot answer. If they could, we could prevent such unnecessary tragedies from happening. However the truth, short of clamping down on free speech, is that there is little we can do. We live in an open society which lends itself to freedom. Freedom has two sides: the ability for its individuals to enjoy every benefit of society … and the ability for those who live in that society to abuse that privilege.

I have already heard from many about why “we” didn’t see this coming. Didn’t anybody read the suspect’s blog? Folks, this man clearly had an issue getting woman to pay attention to him. Why would anyone read his blog? Even worse, he is probably not alone in his feelings of hatred towards women. I’m sure there are many blog postings out there that denigrate women. Legally, we can’t arrest their authors and throw them in jail based on their writings.

This was the worse kind of violence: It was senseless, it was random and it was impossible to see coming. Now, we are left with three fewer lives on this planet ( I’m speaking of the women here ) and many questions. Questions that likely will not be answered anytime soon.

All we can do as citizens is watch our backs and our neighbors backs. Also, we must live our lives and not hide in fear. That maybe the greatest tribute to the victims and the best way to express our disgust for the gunman. Live life and not let fear dictate our actions.

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