Busted On The Air!

Just when you think you know somebody. I have known Wendy Bell for ten years and Demetrius Ivory for at least a goof three. Yet, my co-workers on Channel 4 Action News at 5 busted me. You can see the link to the video right here.

Essentially, I did a story before weather about how the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook were hacked. Coming out of the story, and into weather, Demetrius proceds to tell everyone about my penchant for being on Facebook … even during his weather segments. He made me produce the Blackberry I keep on the desk. Wendy went one step further, feigning like she was typing onto her Facebeook page and saying “This is Andrew and I’m taking out the laundry now” and “Andrew, I need to get a life”.

Suffice to say the whoel thing was quite amusing … and yes, occassionally during commercial breaks or weather, I will check out Facebook. Sometimes just to say “hi” and see what people are saying.

However, there are times when Facebook comes in handy as a resource. Tuesday night was just such a night. Amid the shootings in Collier Township, I could see the conversation on Twitter and Facebook among friends and people that live in that area. Viewers were able to share information with me on the set or clues as to what might be happening. In many ways, social networking sites can give us clues that we as journalists can follow and conform. It also allowed me to know how friends of mine, who belong to the gym, were doing.

Still, Wendy and Demetrius caught me. However, the brief bit of embarrassment has turned into a Facebook bonanza. I got not only many messages from friends who had seen the moment, but also many new friend requests. I’m sure there are hundreds of  Facebook users who watch the 5pm news and had no idea that I was a Facebook person, too.

At this rate, I may have my 1,000th friend by week’s end.

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